HR-LT-Rox Dems Meeting

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The ReformersUsually 3rd Thursday of the month  7-8:45 PM
This Month:  Thursday October 17
Highlands Ranch Public Library

THE REFORMERS, For Profit, for Kids? 

An incredible Documentary where Brian and Cindy Malone, Multi Emmy Award winners, and documentary filmmakers, methodically uncover the systemic and secretive takeover by wealthy businessmen and corporations of public education across the country, cloaking their true motives with catchy slogans like: “School Choice, World-Class Education and 21st Century Learning.”  This documentary showcases the Malone’s hometown and school district where politics and education are getting personal, and yes, you got it, it is right here in Douglas County showcasing DCSD

 “The ideologues, the zealots have politicized what has always been a nonpartisan school board,” he maintains. “They have resorted to the same old bag of tricks we see happening all over the country — union-bashing and really salacious, low-intellect fear tactics that a lot of people fall for because they’re not paying attention.   “The board members have proudly touted themselves as conservatives who stand for school reform,” he continues. “But the more and more I dug into school reform, the more I concluded that what it really means is privatization — and if you follow the money back to who’s funding school reform, it leads to a lot of really wealthy people with either an ideological agenda or a profit motive.

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