The Parasite

Dec 21st, 2011 | By | Category: Opinion, Politics

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A parasite requires a healthy host to attach itself to. Without a viable host, the parasite cannot live. The parasite slowly sucks the life out of the host, until, finally, the host withers and dies. Just before the host dies, the parasite instinctively attaches itself to a new host. When detected in the early stages, a parasite can usually be isolated and eradicated, preserving the host. But once a parasite has had time to spread throughout the host, the host becomes terminally inoperable.

This nation, particularly the working and middle class, are the host. The massive corporate entities that control our government are the parasite. This parasite has had decades to evolve and spread throughout the entire financial and legal structure of the nation. Each component of our infrastructure is like an organ and each and every organ is infested with the parasite. Furthermore, our blood vessels are deteriorating. Our roads, airports and transit systems are overworked and collapsing, much like clogged arteries.

The parasite has also crippled our central nervous system. Messages and signals sent to the brain, our government, do not reach the proper receptors. The message gets scrambled and confused. By the time the brain sends the message back to the organs, the response in no way addresses the issue. The parasite has taken over the brain’s functions and the brain, our government, now works in complete collusion with the parasite, the corporations. In many instances, one can no longer differentiate between the brain and the parasite.

All of our primary organs, the education system, the health care system, the fire departments, law enforcement, welfare services, sanitation departments; all are in the late stages of systematic organ failure. Our nation, the host, no longer has the capability to fight off the multiple afflictions. In due time, the parasite will have consumed all of the resources that our nation has to offer. At that time, the parasite will leave, seeking new hosts. And we will be abandoned, with crumbling organs, collapsing veins, severe brain damage and virtually no skeletal integrity.

The doctors, our politicians, realize our condition is terminal. Like good doctors, they will continue to treat the symptoms, with some small degree of success, in a feeble attempt to keep us relatively comfortable. They will prescribe wide varieties of remedies, all designed to prolong the inevitable conclusion. And in the end, our nation will wither away and die. But the parasite will live on…

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