We The People, Deserve Public Safety!

Nov 7th, 2017 | By | Category: Opinion

I am sure that Americans do not have higher incidence of Mental Illness or disenfranchised people, nor a higher number of people full of anger, rage and bigotry than in other countries. What we do have is a very serious public safety problem.
As a country we need to rethink our love affair with guns and their corollary the destruction inflicted in our communities. We have to rethink our infatuation with guns, in contrast to the safety that every single person in this country deserves. And public safety is what we must focus on. We can no longer allow our legislators to be enablers and accomplices of the violent massacres we have been witnessing in our communities. There must be consequences for their votes, actions or inaction
We must demand of our legislators to make changes, and demand them to ensure our public safety, above all. They should be punished and never re-elected if they sell their souls to malevolent groups like the NRA and others that promote violence and destruction. These groups and organizations perpetuate this bloodshed, exclusively for their own financial profit. Since our legislators are voted into office by us, they can also be removed by us. We elect them to care about us and enact laws that protect us, The People. However, many of them have forgotten the values that once made this great country. It seems they have forgotten how we once cared about our people, our families, our children and our communities.
We need to demand of our government to work for “We The People”, our public safety, and not for rich donors. Working for the highest bidder is the definition of a corrupt government. Many of our elected officials are flaunting their corruption right in front of our very own eyes. We cannot allow this to ruin our Democracy. We must hold our government accountable and must be proud of our Declaration of Independence: All people have basic human rights given to them by God. The main reason we have a government is to protect these basic human rights, which Jefferson once listed as “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” How can we say we have these basic human rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, when we witness the daily carnage of our children, our loved ones, and our neighborhood? Our basic human rights are trampled when our legislators favor money over safety and allow these weapons of mass destruction on our streets
I’m tired of the rationalizations and debates we are having around this issue, with zero results. Is it mental illness, is it terrorism, is it a disfranchised loner? Who cares? The fact here is that blood is running in the streets of our country, and our legislators are not doing anything about it. Their job is to solve the problem, and solve the problem now! How many more acts of terrorism must we witness before we see them address this madness (hostility)?
It is clearly not about guns, it is about We the People of this country, and it is about Public Safety in our country.
We can no longer tolerate this behavior from our government, if we still want to be called a developed country, and if we still want to be called a Democracy
Resist! Demand Change from our legislators, who are hired by us, and who are hired to protect our safety.



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