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Oct 31st, 2017 | By | Category: Featured, Politics
“Trump has already considered firing Mueller in order to impede his work. Congress must take action TODAY to ensure Mueller is able to see this through to the end. 
Call Representative Mike Coffman at (202) 225-7882, 720-748-7514, Senator Michael F. Bennet at (202) 224-5852, 303-455-7600, Senator Cory Gardner at (202) 224-5941, 303-391-5777, and Representative Ken Buck at 202-225-4646, 720-639-9165. When you reach an aide or voicemail, please leave this message:
“I am calling because the American people deserve answers about Russian interference in our elections. Robert Mueller is making sure we get them. Please co-sponsor and support legislation that protects Mueller’s investigation.”
Attacks on our democracy should worry everyone, regardless of political affiliation. Congress must put country before party and pass legislation that would limit White House interference in this decisive investigation. A number of bills have been introduced to protect the investigation. Mueller must be allowed to continue, no matter where it leads.”
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Published on Oct 28, 2017
–I DID NOT MAKE THIS– From Russia with Love
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