5 Days Left Before Election!

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Only 5 days left before the November 1 election.  If you have not voted yet, please do so today!

While this is an off  year for most elected offices, it is a significant season for The Douglas County School Board.  Three of the seven seats are up for vote, ending with the final count on November 1.  The school board election is unusual in two manners; all registered residents can vote in every district and the races are non-partisan.
The drop-dead date to mail in your ballot is this Friday October 28.  You can also drop it off at specific locations.  (below)
Your ballot must be received by the County Elections Office by 7pm Tuesday November 1.
These Candidates support our Public Schools and our Teachers.

Kevin Reilly – Director District A
Kevin holds a doctorate in psychology and works with brain-injury patients at Swedish Hospital. He is the single parent of a daughter who attends high school in Douglas County. Kevin says, “I am opposed to vouchers for a number of reasons. Douglas County schools are funded by multiple revenue sources. These tax dollars are designated for schools and education. The board’s decision to divert funds from the public schools into private (and religiously affiliated) schools appears to be overstepping its legal authority.”

Gail Frances – Director District C       
Gail has worked in finance and holds a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Colorado.  She is a mother and grandmother who values high-quality public schools.  She says, “As Douglas County School Board members, we are obligated to find creative solutions to fiscal challenges that will enhance public funding for all students in our community rather than diminish funding by crafting special provisions for select groups”.

Susan McMahon – Director District F
Susan holds a bachelor’s degree in education. As a mother of three children enrolled in Douglas County Schools, she appreciates the opportunities offered to all families by one of the highest performing districts in the state. Susan notes, “Our public schools have educated generations of families and a strong public education system is the key to our future,” says McMahon. “I’m asking for the opportunity to serve so I can help secure the future for all of us.”

None of the above three candidates has received funding from any political party.

Please consider the direction in which the current school board is taking Douglas County Schools, conduct your own research, and vote in the Nov. 1 election.

We Support Proposition 103  VOTE YES

If Proposition 103 fails, it is likely that $200 million to $300 million of those cuts will be to K-12 education and state colleges and community colleges

We Do Not Support Ballot Question 1A

Ballot drop-off locations (if you don’t want to mail it) or goto http://www.douglas.co.us/clerk/elections/Voting_By_Mail_2011_Coordinated_Election.html

There is still time to  vote!

Make sure to pass this information along to all your friends!

And Please Vote!!!!

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